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The International Association of Restaurants is the fastest growing grassroots restaurant movement in the country. Our organization is comprised of proud Americans, and across the world who share a common interest and cause in the restaurant industry.

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I don't know about you but I'd rather have an established, world-renowned and successful organization behind my back than having to decide things all by myself.

Ronalda Olandis


I didn't think I would benefit from joining a simple organization. I've always toughed things out myself. But I let my guards down and got pleasantly surprised.

Simon Edmunson


Does Your Menu Drive Profit?

Too often, restaurants have a flashy menu, with great pictures and descriptions of the entrees, but lack the ability to drive a good profit. While a handsome menu certainly has its place, certain metrics for performance should be taken in to consideration.  Here are a...

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Become a member of the fastest growing restaurant association in the world.

International Association of Restaurants

International Association of Restaurants is  the all-in-one resource for the restaurant industry, allowing members to use the power of the masses to make positive change in their industry.